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Limitless Nutrition previews the finished label of its fourth supplement

limitless nutrition shroom tonic

The Australian brand Limitless Nutrition recently expanded its line of supplements with its MCT infused EAA formula Amino Secret. Thanks to that new addition, Limitless now has three products for fans to choose from with its other two being the protein powders My Protein Blend and My Plant Protein.

While Limitless Nutrition’s Amino Secret isn’t all that old, hitting the market just two months ago, the brand has already announced its next new innovation. Now on the way from the Australian company is a medicinal mushroom supplement named Shroom Tonic to help in a number of areas including stress.

Limitless Nutrition has not provided any sort of launch date for Shroom Tonic, however, it has previewed the product’s finished label suggesting it is due to arrive sooner rather than later.

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