Magic Spoon Cereal Review: Realistic protein cereal from taste to texture

Jul 16th, 2019

Magic Spoon is an up and coming protein cereal company that you truly have to try if you’re a fan of protein snacks or even just cereal in general. The brand’s cereal is one of the most delicious and hard to put down products we’ve ever reviewed. Its macros are also nothing to shy away from, and it doesn’t contain any soy, gluten, or artificial ingredients.

The Magic Spoon cereal provides 12g of protein in a three-quarter cup serving, with 3g of net carbohydrates, 6g of fat, and a lean total of 110 calories. If you scale those numbers up, the protein to calorie ratio is about the same, if not better than a lot of protein bars that sit around the 20g of protein mark with 220 calories.

magic spoon cereal review


Magic Spoon’s high protein cereal has the same crunch, texture, and consistency as a more mainstream sugar-loaded breakfast cereal. Each bite feels exactly like the real thing, with no doughy texture like some other high protein foods, or any disappointing after taste. The consistency alone makes it almost impossible to believe it has zero sugar.

As good as the Magic Spoon protein cereal is to bite and chew, its variety of flavors are what push it above and beyond. The brand has four options available for its delicious product with Cocoa, Frosted, Cinnamon, and Fruity. While all of them are full of sweetness and flavor that lasts from start to finish, our two favorites are Cocoa and Fruity.

magic spoon cereal review

Magic Spoon’s Cocoa and Fruity protein cereals just nail their title tastes as soon as they hit your mouth. The Cocoa has a rich, classic chocolate cereal flavor while Fruity is so sweet you will have trouble putting the spoon down and stopping at one bowl. The flavors are simply amazing and only make it harder to believe it’s high in protein and low in carbs.


As mentioned earlier, if you’re at all a fan of new and creative high protein snacks and food, Magic Spoon’s cereal needs to be on your list of products to try. The brand has found an incredible balance between flavor, consistency, and macros, and rolled it all into a uniquely marketed brand and product for an experience to remember.

magic spoon cereal review

Magic Spoon has really changed our perception of how good a healthy, high protein cereal can taste. While we haven’t tried that many functional foods in this format over the years, the brand has undoubtedly set the standard. The even more impressive part is Magic Spoon has created its cereal with a clean set of ingredients suitable for people of all walks of life.