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Perfect’s New Zealand Whey protein powder gets completely revamped

perfect sports perfect whey

Perfect Sports has revamped one of its many competitors in the protein powder category with the high-quality New Zealand whey formula simply named Perfect. The Canadian based company has made a handful of changes to the supplement, most notably to its flavoring, tub sizes, and pricing.

On the flavoring side, Perfect Sports has relaunched its Perfect protein powder in four new flavors, all of which are from its Diesel protein menu. Those flavors are the delicious Chocolate Wafer Crisp, and the three more traditional tastes in French Vanilla, Triple Rich Dark Chocolate, and Cookies ’N Cream.

As for the changes to the product’s size, previously Perfect was available in the usual 2lb and 5lb tubs. The revamped version drops to slightly lower weights with a 1.6lb and 4.4lb. The new sizes are of course priced a bit different, especially the 4.4lb, which is a lot more competitive than the original 5lb at a retail price of $64.99 (49.27 USD).

While Perfect Sports has made a number of changes to its Perfect protein, a lot of its features have remained the same. The product still uses only natural ingredients, including the natural sweetener stevia. As mentioned, it is a New Zealand whey formula and now features a certification on its tub confirming its quality.

Perfect Sports’ overhauled Perfect protein is now available to order from its online store in all four of its flavors and two tub sizes. Those of you in Canada can also expect to see it in physical retailers soon if not already.