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Redcon1 brings together a nice variety of products for its Readiness Pack

redcon1 readiness pack

If you’ve yet to try anything from Redcon1 but aren’t committed enough to grab a whole tub of anything, the brand has put together a jam-packed set of samples. Redcon1 is calling the collection of samples the Readiness Pack which gives you the chance to try six of the brand’s top supplements and protein snacks.

Redcon1’s Readiness Pack comes with three samples each of the fat burner Double Tap, the focus and pump product Big Noise, the pre-workout Total War, and the unique MRE Lite protein powder. Then on the protein snack side, you get seven different flavors of the MRE Bar and three of its cereal piece protein bar.

The price on the Readiness Pack is $59.99 through its website, which works out to about $2.70 per piece. The giant set of supplement samples and protein bars is a nice mix of products and will act as a great introduction to the growing brand.

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