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Another limited Rhino Black is coming next month with Kings Ransom’s formula

limited edition rhino black

We recently reviewed Muscle Sport’s powerhouse pre-workout Rhino Black Kings Ransom, which features its own individual formula and is a limited-edition supplement. Basically, the brand only produced a certain amount of the product and said after that is gone, that is it for Rhino Black Kings Ransom.

If you did miss out on that supplement, Muscle Sport has some exciting news this week, as it turns out Kings Ransom isn’t necessarily gone for good. The brand has revealed it is getting ready to launch another limited edition version of Rhino Black that will have a different name and flavor but the same formula as Kings Ransom.

We don’t know the name of the next limited edition Rhino Black, but if it’s anything like the gold flake infused Kings Ransom, it’ll be something unique. Based on the teaser Muscle Sport has shared, the product looks like it has some sort of rainforest and snake theme to it, and a possible cherry type taste.

Muscle Sport is looking to release its second limited edition Rhino Black within the next few weeks, with the supplement dropping sometime in August.