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Six-Pack Creamery unveils its innovative, high protein Fit Freeze soft serve

six pack creamery fit freeze

The protein ice cream company Six-Pack Creamery has unveiled an all-new ice cream innovation with high protein Fit Freeze soft serve. Previously the brand had just the one product available with pints of regular frozen ice cream in two flavors with Lean Mean Vanilla Bean and Cocoa Milk Muscles.

The macros on Six-Pack Creamery’s exciting Fit Freeze soft serve are very different from your typical soft serve with a single cone serving providing a strong 18g of protein. Its other major macros include 27g of carbohydrate with 16g of that sugar, a light 5g of fat, and a total of 225 calories.

Fit Freeze comes with an all-natural formula featuring no artificial ingredients; quality whey isolate to give it that extra protein; and the sweeteners monk fruit and organic erythritol.

six pack creamery fit freeze

“Now, a whole new world of opportunity and indulgence is here with Fit Freeze™ – a delicious, creamy dessert that blows the doors off traditional soft serve by delivering more protein than fat and more protein than sugar along with the clean, indulgent taste and texture that everyone wants from a soft-serve ice cream.” – Six-Pack Creamery founder, Kyle Peters.

Anyone interested in working with and using Six-Pack Creamery’s innovative new Fit Freeze soft serve, head on over to its website. The brand is looking for people to partner with and make good use of its healthy, high protein soft serve whether it be for a shop, truck, or any kind of food business.