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Introducing the Stack3d Certified gold stamp for year long participants

stack3d certified gold badge

Stack3d Certified is our own testing program intended to help companies prove that what is on their labels is in their supplements. Brands that take part in the program agree to have us purchase a random product from a randomly selected retailer, and send it straight to the lab to test for its main ingredients and doses.

We have been running the Stack3d Certified program for over a year, and the brands that have been a part of it since the beginning are now allowed to use our Gold certified badge. After passing all four of our tests in the past 12 months, Kodiak, Nutrabio, Redcon1, Olympus Labs, and Genius are the few that have earned the premium stamp.

For more information on the Stack3d Certified testing program, you can check out On that page, you can see all of the participating brands and the fully transparent products we recently tested, as well as details on how to become a Stack3d Certified brand.

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