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SteelFit turns Pure Steel into a full series of straightforward supplements

steelfit pure steel series

Next week, the originally topical-only supplement company SteelFit, will be turning its Pure Steel CreaPure into a full family of products. Pure Steel CreaPure is a straightforward, unflavored powder formula, packing a huge 100 servings of CreaPure branded creatine monohydrate.

SteelFit has now revealed it has another four Pure Steel supplements coming within the next few days, the majority of which feature simple formulas led by branded ingredients.

The items are Pure Steel AhiFlower with AhiFlower plant-based omega 3-6-9 oil; Pure Steel SunFiber with SunFiber natural fiber; and goMCT with prebiotic fiber and goMCT branded MCTs. The fourth and final Pure Steel product is Apple Cider Vinegar, featuring its title ingredient plus cayenne pepper and chlorophyll.

As mentioned, SteelFit plans on launching all four of its new Pure Steel Series supplements sometime next week through its online store. If you do decide to grab any of the products when they arrive, be sure to sign up to our Stack3d Insider to get an additional 10% discount.