Larger 5lb tub of Isolit brings with it a new Strawberry Shortcake flavor

strawberry shortcake isolit

Primeval Labs’ all-new larger size of its high-quality, whey isolate powered protein powder Isolit, is now available for purchase. As expected, the product is more cost-effective than the brand’s original 2lb tub of Isolit, although that’s not all the new release brings to the table.

The latest from Primeval Labs is a 5lber packing a total of 70 servings, which is more than twice the amount you get from Isolit’s previously only size, the 30 serving 2lb. The price on the bigger tub is $89.99 compared to the 30 serving’s $44.99, so it works out to be about 15% cheaper.

The 70 serving Isolit is now in stock on Primeval Labs’ website, where the brand is currently running a pretty strong sale for 4th Of July. The deal is, for a limited time, you can use the coupon code “JULY4TH” and get 33% off everything, which drops the new Isolit tub down to just $60.29.

Primeval Labs is throwing in a bunch of freebies for its 4th Of July promotion with a free tank or tee when you spend over $50. If you order a little higher at $75 or more, the brand will also throw in a tub of Mega Pre Red, and if you reach $100+, you’ll get a duffle bag as well.