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Cellucor’s all-new C4 Extreme is now available for purchase direct

cellucor c4 extreme

After completely unveiling its all-new pre-workout supplement C4 Extreme a couple of weeks ago, Cellucor has now made it available for purchase. C4 Extreme is the brand’s latest pre-workout creation that features a fairly straightforward formula and is the first product in Cellucor’s Project Clear Evolution Series.

For those that missed our post on the brand’s next generation, Project Clear Evolution is Cellucor’s newest family of supplements. It is bringing with it the launch of several new versions of products, like the many generations before it. All of the supplements in the series will have fully transparent labels and a lot less artificial ingredients.

The first place stocking Cellucor’s all-new C4 Extreme from its Project Clear Evolution Series, is its own online store over at Through there the pre-workout product will cost you $34.99 for its regular 30 serving in any of its eight flavors, including the completely natural two, and $49.99 for its larger 60 serving tub.

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