Two new tastes on the way for Applied’s vegan-friendly Protein Indulgence

applied nutrition vegan indulgence chocolate mint orange

Earlier this year the UK company Applied Nutrition introduced a spin-off of its delicious and very different high-protein snack, Protein Indulgence. It is a vegan-friendly version of the product made without any dairy or lactose ingredients, and packed full of soy crisps to give it that high amount of protein.

At the moment Applied Nutrition’s Vegan Protein Indulgence is available in just the one flavor option with the delicious Belgian Chocolate Caramel. The brand has now announced another two tastes are on the way for the snack, both of which are Belgian Chocolate-themed creations like the original.

Coming soon from Applied Nutrition for the vegan spin-off of Protein Indulgence are Belgian Chocolate Mint, and Belgian Chocolate Orange. Both flavors sound quite unique, and while we haven’t tried the vegan version, we can confirm the regular Protein Indulgence is very tasty as well as enjoyable.