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Bodylab’s Kit-Kat like Protein Crunch packs less than a gram of sugar

bodylab protein crunch

The popular Danish supplement company Bodylab has introduced an all-new, somewhat high protein snack with Protein Crunch. It is a Kit-Kat like product similar to Novo Nutrition’s delicious Protein Break Bar and Got7 Nutrition’s incredibly tasty, candy bar-like Bahia Bar Pro.

Bodylab’s Protein Crunch has two sticks per pack, each featuring a solid milk chocolate outer layer with a crunchy wafer center. An entire bar of the product provides a light 3.4g of protein, 8g of carbohydrates with less than a gram of sugar, 8.5g of fat, and a total of 113 calories.

bodylab protein crunch

While the macros behind Bodylab’s newest snack aren’t quite as good as a typical protein bar; if it tastes as good as Got7’s Bahia Bar, it will be more than worth it. You can purchase the brand’s new product from its website at 169 DKK (25.37 USD) for a box of 25, or 319 DKK (47.88 USD) for two.

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