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Bigger, bolder and better CHXN-SNX crispy protein bites coming soon

physically fit chxn snx

BarnDad Nutrition is coming out with an all-new version of its enjoyable, crispy protein snack Meat-SNX, made with chicken and pea isolate a source of protein. The upcoming product goes by a similar, but different name in CHXN-SNX, and also comes under a different brand name with Physically Fit instead of BarnDad Nutrition.

The new version of the snack will be available in significantly larger and resealable bags with up to 70g of protein and between 665 to 945 calories. CHXN-SNX from Physically Fit is also going to come in a wider variety of flavors, some of which are made with more than just the crisps, like the Ranch flavor of the original Meat-SNX.

physically fit chxn snx

Physically Fit’s upcoming CHXN-SNX will be launching in seven flavors including Cheese Pizza, Buffalo Wing & Blue Cheese, Jalapeno Ranch, and Sriracha. The other three options are the ones featuring extras in Cinnamon Swirl with pretzels, Sweet BBQ with honey-roasted peanuts, and Kung Pao with dry roasted peas and pretzels.

As mentioned, Physically Fit’s CHXN-SNX is not yet available but does sound like it will be soon. We did quite enjoy BarnDad Nutrition’s original Meat-SNX, so we’ll probably give these a try when we can get our hands on them. While the crispy pieces do look the same, the brand certainly has us intrigued with its creative new flavors.