Free stackable bottle of Dynamine with MTS Clash for the next month

Aug 6th, 2019
mts clash

Yesterday MTS Nutrition introduced its reformulated as well as reflavored version of MTS Clash. The brand made just a couple of changes to the pre-workout’s formula by dropping TeaCrine and hordenine. For the next month however, MTS is running a sale that kind of adds a premium branded ingredient to Clash.

Currently, through Tiger Fitness, every tub of the fresh new MTS Clash comes with a bottle of the brand’s single-ingredient supplement MTS Dynamine. You can, of course, use that product in combination with the pre-workout to make it an even more well-rounded experience for enhanced energy, mood, and mental focus.

As mentioned, MTS Nutrition’s free bottle of Dynamine deal is going to be available from Tiger Fitness for the next month. It’s certainly a great offer to get in on, and there is no coupon code required. You simply visit the retailer’s website, add MTS Clash to your cart, and the free Dynamine will be added at checkout.