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Inspired designs FSU to deliver better power and focus as well as pumps

inspired fsu

Everything you need to know about Inspired’s first-ever and very promising stimulant-free pre-workout FSU, is finally here along with pre-order availability. The supplement has actually turned out to be quite different from what we expected, with the brand bringing together a nice variety of ingredients.

Inspired FSU is indeed a stimulant-free pre-workout; however, it’s formulated for more than just pumps, unlike a lot of its competitors. The brand has loaded the product with ingredients for increased mental focus, improved strength and performance, and of course, enhanced muscle pumps.

Full formula

You can get a complete look at the formula behind Inspired FSU in its fully transparent facts panel directly below. It comes with reliable pump enhancing ingredients including pure citrulline at 4g per maximum serving, as well as premium, patented NO3-T arginine nitrate at a solid dose of 3g.

inspired fsu

To boost mental focus, FSU packs a strong 2g of tyrosine, 100mg of the branded feature NeuroFactor, and 600mg of lion’s mane. Also in the mix alongside all of those ingredients is Aquamin minerals, pink Himalayan salt, and the power-boosting pair of creatine monohydrate and betaine at 3g and 2.5g respectively.

Pre-order offer

As per usual, Inspired has put together something quite impressive with FSU, mostly due to the fact it is different from its stimulant-free competitors. Pre-order of the fairly comprehensive pre-workout are starting today through the brand’s website, and as expected, there is a special early bird deal.

Inspired’s FSU will have a regular full-size 20 serving tub price of $44.95 through its online store, although those that pre-order will save 30%. The introductory offer drops the supplement down to a very competitive $31.95 with shipping of pre-orders expected to take place mid next month.