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Save on Performix’s more bioavailable ioWhey with Stack3d Insider

iowhey protein insider deal

This week we’ve teamed up with another major supplement company for another unmissable deal exclusive to Stack3d Insiders subscribers. The promotion is for the brand’s innovative ioWhey Protein powder infused with the bioavailability enhancing Ingredient Optimized technology.

Through Performix’s own online store, a full 28 serving tub of ioWhey Protein usually costs you $39.99. With our Stack3d Insider sale, for a limited time, that price drops much lower and makes the product more cost-effective, as well as extremely competitive compared to other whey isolate proteins.

The only way you can get access to the Performix ioWhey Protein deal is by signing up to our Stack3d Insider program. The email including details on the promotion is being sent out at midday Eastern Time, so you have just over two hours to sign up if you’re not already.