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Näno Supps unveils its freshly baked and promising Protein Cake

nano supps protein cake

Näno Supps, the creative brand behind the freshly baked and delicious Protein Pancake, has unveiled another exciting high protein snack. Just like the Protein Pancake, the European brand’s latest effort is a freshly baked food named Protein Cake, or what Näno Supps has nicknamed the #CakeChanger.

Not everything is known about the product yet, including what kind of macros we’re for. What we do know is that its made with whole grain, it has no added sugar, and 22% of its overall weight is protein. Näno Supps Protein Cake also comes with a creamy filling in just the one confirmed flavor so far with Chocolate.

While Näno Supps hasn’t shared a whole lot of information about its Protein Cake, it’s dropped enough to get our attention and interest. We’ve been big fans of the brand ever since it introduced its unique and enjoyable Protein Pancake, so we certainly have high hopes for its all-new Protein Cake.

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