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Stack3d Supplement Expo Awards confirmed for this year’s Olympia

stack3d expo awards olympia

In a little over two weeks, this year’s Mr. Olympia Expo will be taking place in Las Vegas on Friday the 13th of September through to Saturday the 14th. Just like at this year’s Arnold Classic Expo and the giant European convention FIBO, we are going to have our Stack3d Supplement Expo Awards at the Olympia.

We’ll be handing out our usual four awards, including Best Tasting Product, Best New Product, Best Booth, and the fan decided, People’s Choice. For more information on how we select the winner of each award, you can check out the post we shared earlier in the year before we gave them out for the first time.

The awards can only be won by supplement companies and fitness brands that are exhibiting at the Mr. Olympia Expo. The Stack3d team will be selecting the winners for each category except for the People’s Choice award. That award is based on how well our audience reacts to each story we share from the event.

Over the Mr. Olympia Expo’s two days, we’ll be checking out each and every booth to judge the awards fairly. The winners will be selected and handed directly to the brand’s at their stands on the second day of the convention.

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