Winners of the Stack3d Supplement Expo Awards at the 2019 FIBO

stack3d supplement expo awards fibo

The winners of the Stack3d Supplement Expo Awards for the 2019 FIBO event in Cologne, Germany, have been decided and awarded. The show has been absolutely insane regarding the amount of exciting new releases and announcements, not to mention how unique and creative some of them have been.

A lot of the supplement companies we were already quite familiar with, brought plenty more than just one or two new products to FIBO. The likes of GN Labs had five which made up two separates supplement series, and Got7 Nutrition had four, or six if you count each of its three peanut butter variants separately.

Optimum Nutrition also made a lasting impression with its incredible new protein bar featuring a consistency like nothing else on the market. You can see the full list of winners of our Stack3d Supplement Expo Awards for FIBO below, all of which genuinely brought something great to the event.

Best New Product – Dedicated Nutrition Unstoppable
Best Tasting Product – Barebells Mint Dark Chocolate
Best Booth – Rocka Nutrition
People’s Choice – Olimp Dragon Ball Z Series

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