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4+ Nutrition utilizes triple-layer-tablets for a second time in +BCAA

4 plus nutrition bcaa

The Italian supplement company 4+ Nutrition has made it three entirely new products this month with the release of +BCAA. The brand’s other new items are the vegan-friendly protein powder Plant Protein+ and the pre-workout Pre+, while +BCAA is a little more on the simpler side of things.

The newest supplement from 4+ Nutrition comes with vitamin B1 and B6, although its main feature is a 5g dose of BCAAs per five tablet serving. While the formula behind +BCAA is pretty straightforward, the brand has given the simple product a bit of twist by putting it in a triple-layer tablet.

4+ Nutrition uses the same innovative tablet technology in its CronoVitamin+, which delivers ingredients over a period of time. In CronoVitamin+, the triple-layer tablet is said to deliver one layer immediately, a second in 45 minutes, then the third about four to six hours later.

4+ Nutrition’s new +BCAA is essentially a time-release BCAA supplement designed to deliver BCAAs over time as opposed to all at once. You can grab the product now through the brand’s Italian website at €25 (27.67 USD) for a 100 tablet bottle, with 1g of BCAAs in each tablet.