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Barebells makes its Creamy Pear Milkshake a permanent flavor option

creamy pear barebells protein shake

Earlier this year Barebells launched a limited summer edition flavor of its delicious high-protein Milkshake. The flavor was fitting for the summer season but certainly not something we’ve seen all that much for protein RTDs. The release was the mix of creamy vanilla and fresh pear called Creamy Pear.

It now seems the unique Creamy Pear Barebells Milkshake was quite successful as the Swedish brand has decided to make to keep the flavor. As mentioned, the product was initially intended to only be available for a limited time, although starting this week it is permanently a part of the brand’s lineup.

Creamy Pear is the eighth flavor available for the great-tasting Milkshake, and it is also not the first time Barebells has made a limited edition, permanent. The brand actually did the same earlier this year with its Christmas edition Mint Dark Chocolate Protein Bar, which is also now an ongoing product.

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