Innovative new Mutant Whey comes with two flavors in the one bag

Sep 15th, 2019
dual chamber mutant whey

In the next few months, the legacy supplement company Mutant, who is available all over the world, has something very unique coming to market. The brand has put together an interesting new size option of its mainstream protein powder, the whey powered Mutant Whey.

The overall size of Mutant’s upcoming product isn’t something we haven’t seen before with a 4lb, 50 serving bag. What makes it so unique is that it comes with two different flavors. The two flavors are also separated into their own individual chambers within the one bag.

You can open one side of the awesome new dual-chamber Mutant Whey to get one flavor, then open the other side for something completely different. Both sides of the product are filled with 2lbs of each flavor, with Mutant set to launch the innovation in two flavor options.

The dual-chamber Mutant Whey will be releasing later this year in Triple Chocolate with Vanilla Ice Cream, and Triple Chocolate with Chocolate Fudge Brownie.