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More HPScience supplements due to drop by the first quarter of 2020

hpscience more new supplements

HPScience kicked off the month of September announcing some promising changes to its reputable glucose disposal agent, Glycoshield. This week the company keeps things interesting with more exciting news regarding its long-awaited fat burner Inertia as well as some other upcoming supplements.

After a number of months of waiting, HPScience has confirmed its stimulant powered weight loss product Inertia is now just weeks away from launch. The brand has not provided an exact release date or week for the supplement, only that it’s weeks away, which sounds like it could be here within the month.

The other half of HPScience’s news is that after the arrival of Inertia, fans can expect to see three more entirely new products. The brand has not shared details for any of those three, although they are all said to be available by the first quarter of 2020, which will make for a busy next few months for HPScience.

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