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Big Protein Flapjack from Muscle Moose tips the scales at 100g per bar

muscle moose big protein flapjack

The Big Protein Flapjack is a recently released protein product from the team over at Muscle Moose known for its BCAA infused energy drink, Moose Juice. The brand’s new Big Protein Flapjack is pretty much exactly what it says it is; a giant 100g oat-based flapjack that is infused with extra protein.

An entire Muscle Moose Big Protein Flapjack packs a hefty 44g of carbohydrates with 16g of that sugar, 4g of fiber, 23g of fat, 15g of protein, and 453 calories. Those numbers are for the product’s Golden Syrup flavor, and only vary by a few grams in carbs, sugar, and fat in its one other option, Mixed Berry.

As mentioned above and in typical flapjack style, Muscle Moose’s newest on-the-go snack is primarily made with wholegrain oats. It also contains high-protein crispy pieces and whey for that higher amount of protein, as well as golden syrup in the Golden Syrup flavor and cranberries in the Mixed Berry.

You can purchase Muscle Moose’s Big Protein Flapjack now from its direct-to-consumer online store at The product has a variety of purchase options available with individual bars at £1.49 (1.83 USD) each, and a box of 12 all in one flavor or half and half at £15.99 (19.65 USD).