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Freshly baked Protein Pancake gets its first-ever limited edition flavor

nano supps bluberry protein pancake

The creative team over at the European brand ä, has announced another flavor of its delicious, freshly baked, and very unique, Protein Pancake. The new flavor set to join the product’s other four with Chocolate, Caramel, Peach, and Vanilla, is a second fruity recipe in Blueberry.

While ä’s all-new Blueberry Protein Pancake does sound exciting, when it eventually arrives, you won’t want to wait around too much before purchasing it. The upcoming Blueberry flavor is actually the protein snack’s first-ever limited option, so it’s not going to be around permanently like the others.

We’re not sure when ä plans on releasing its Blueberry Protein Pancake, however, it does tend to get new products in stores fairly quickly after announcing them.

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