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Nubreed keeps all of its original ingredients for the flavored Metadyne

nubreed flavored metadyne

Nubreed Nutrition has finally released the powder version of its fat burner Metadyne which was confirmed as coming soon two months ago. The brand said it would be designed to deliver the same experience and benefits as the original capsules, including increased energy, metabolism, thermogenesis, and weight loss.

Now that Nubreed Nutrition has launched its flavored Metadyne, we can confirm that on the formula side of things, it has all of the same ingredients. There are some slight differences; however, as while the supplement may have all of the features, the dosing of each component is not the same.

nubreed flavored metadyne

Each maximum serving of the powder Metadyne packs a third more carnitine tartrate and a higher dose of the Alpha EXA focus blend. The energy-boosting caffeine blend goes the other way with 25mg less, while all of the other main ingredients are much the same, including 50mg of Alpha GBB and 100mg of Dynamine.

Nubreed Nutrition’s flavored Metadyne is now available from its website in Cotton Candy, Sour Gummy Worm, and Rainbow Fruit flavors. It costs the same as the capsule Metadyne at $34.99 per tub, but does have a lighter amount of maximum servings at 20 compared to the original’s 25.