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Grenade spices things up with a Peri Peri flavor of its vegan Carb Killa

peri peri carb killa go nuts

Grenade has released a second flavor of the vegan-friendly version of its delicious Carb Killa protein bar, Carb Killa Go Nuts. While the UK-based brand’s first option for the product was a fairly typical taste with Salted Peanut, its second flavor is definitely a lot more unique.

The new addition to Grenade’s vegan-friendly protein bar made primarily with peanuts is a spicy Peri Peri flavor. The flavor has actually launched globally in three of the brand’s major markets, including the US, UK, and Europe. In the US however, the product does have a slightly more descriptive name in Peri Peri Spicy Chili.

peri peri carb killa go nuts

Grenade’s creative Peri Peri Carb Killa Go Nuts features a similar nutrition profile to its original Salted Peanut starting with 11g of vegan-friendly protein. You also get 16g of carbohydrates with 6g of that fiber and a low 2g sugar, 9g of fat, a calorie count of 170, and absolutely no artificial ingredients.

You can grab Grenade’s Peri Peri Carb Killa Go Nuts starting today from its US, UK, and European online stores at The pricing on the product in the UK and Europe is £1.79 for a single bar or £26.85 for a box of 15, while in the US the price is $2.19 for one and $28.95 for a box.