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Quamtrax drops another nut butter that’s high in protein and vegan-friendly

quamtrax vegan high protein hazelnut butter

Last month Quamtrax Nutrition, a brand based in Spain, dropped an all-new family of flavored nut butter including a unique Maria Cookie inspired peanut butter. This month Quamtrax continues down that path with another nut butter, although its latest effort is very different from those others, in fact, it’s different from most nut butter.

The Spanish brand has put together a crunchy nut butter that is primarily made with hazelnuts. What makes it so different is that it is a high protein hazelnut butter that’s also vegan-friendly. Instead of infusing the product with the usual sources of protein such as whey, Quamtrax has gone with vegan-friendly pea protein.

Quamtrax Nutrition’s crunchy, high protein hazelnut butter also boasts a few other highlights including that it has no added sugar and zero palm oil.