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iWon teams up the Tapatío Hot Sauce company for another flavor collab

tapatio jalapeno sour cream protein stix

Last year, the growing iWon Organics teamed up with the Tapatío Hot Sauce company for a special edition Tapatío Limon flavor of its tasty Protein Puffs. The brand has now introduced another flavor put together with the hot sauce company, although it is not for the same snack, nor is it Tapatío Limon.

The product iWon Organics has released this week is an intriguing Tapatío Jalapeño Sour Cream flavor for its other delicious protein snack, Protein Stix. All of the Protein Stix options we’ve tried delivered incredibly strong tastes, so we imagine the Tapatío Jalapeño Sour Cream will also come through on everything in its name.

You can grab the all-new Tapatío Jalapeño Sour Cream from iWon Organics’ website at $23.92 for a box of eight bags. For those interested in the product’s nutrition profile, it is much the same as its other flavors. Each bag packs 10g of protein from plant-based sources, 20g of carbohydrates, 8g of fat, and 180 calories.