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13th Floor promotes a complete experience for its pre-workout Legion

13th floor legion

Legion is the stimulant powered pre-workout supplement from the new brand 13th Floor Sciences. Like a lot of brands these days, 13th Floor has packed its pre-workout with a variety of ingredients for a complete experience. It comes with ingredients for increased energy and better focus, as well as improved pumps and performance.

Being the unique brand that it is, 13th Floor actually explains all of the benefits of Legion in its own creative way. The company refers to the product as a mind-altering pre-workout that aims to deliver adrenaline-fueled aggression, raging vasculature, predator-like focus, and animalistic-esque strength and power.

As for the combination of ingredients in Legion, 13th Floor has indeed packed this one out. It comes with 2.5g betaine, 1.2g of creatine HCl, and 1.6g of beta-alanine for strength and performance, plus 2g of agmatine for better muscle pumps. You also get 100mg of the increasingly popular S7 blend.

The rest of the 13th Floor’s Legion formula is made of stimulants and ingredients for increased energy and focus. That includes a gram of choline, 150mg of theobromine, 30mg of synephrine, 25mg of cayenne pepper, 45mg of halostachine, 2mg of yohimbine, and 400mg of caffeine from two sources.

You can now pre-order Legion as well as 13th Floor’s three other supplements from its website at $44.99 per tub. The pre-workout has three flavors to choose from with Americanade, Cherry Lime, and Watermelon Candy, with a full 30 servings per tub.