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Apple Pie A La Cold Stone is also coming to BSN’s Protein Crisp

apple pie a la bsn protein crisp

The most recent addition to BSN’s family of Syntha-6 flavors created in collaboration with Cold Stone Creamery is Apple Pie A La Cold Stone. The product was previewed in August and can now be purchased from the likes of GNC. This week news has come in that BSN is also planning to add that flavor to its delicious Protein Crisp.

Protein Crisp is a Rice Krispie style protein bar from BSN that currently sits on our list of top five protein bars. The snack comes in a wide variety of flavors, two of which are Cold Stone Creamery collaborations with Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake Remix.

Apple Pie A La Cold Stone has now been confirmed as coming soon to BSN’s great tasting Protein Crisp protein bar, which will give it a total of three Cold Stone Signature Creations. The product is going to pack Protein Crisp’s usual amount of protein at 20g per bar along with 4g of sugar.

Looking at the preview of the upcoming Apple Pie A La Cold Stone Protein Crisp, it appears the next flavor will also have a gooey top layer. That layer is what made the recently released Caramel Chocolate Crunch such a standout experience, and it is not a feature you’ll find on all of the protein bar’s many flavors.

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