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Inspired confirms a new worldwide version of DVST8 for next month

dvst8 worldwide

The reputable Inspired Nutraceuticals, who has had one of its most impressive years to date, has announced a new version of DVST8 will be here before the new year. The pre-workout is not going to be the fabled DVST8 BBD, which is still in the works and coming soon, but a more internationally friendly DVST8.

Inspired has said its next new pre-workout won’t contain any grey market ingredients, although it is still going to deliver that signature DVST8 effectiveness. As mentioned, the supplement has been formulated with more than just the US market in mind, so fans all around the world can enjoy the same experience.

Inspired’s upcoming DVST8 is currently referred to as DVST8 Worldwide, due to its intention of being more internationally friendly. The top-rated brand plans on launching the pre-workout within the next six weeks or so, shortly after the new and improved version of its flavored fat burner Ember, hits the market.

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