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Cookie spin-off of Knock The Carb Out Bar coming soon in two flavors

knock the carb out cookie

5% Nutrition has introduced its new functional snack, which is exactly what we suspected based on the brand’s previous teaser. The product is a spin-off of 5% Nutrition’ keto-friendly Knock The Carb Out Bar in a slightly different on-the-go format with a Knock The Carb Out Cookie.

The upcoming healthy snack from 5% Nutrition comes with a nutrition profile very similar to the original Knock The Carb Out Bar. The cookie spin-off packs the same 21g of protein alongside 15g of fat from healthy sources, and just a gram of sugar as well as a gram of net carbohydrates.

Those macros above are based on the Knock The Carb Out Cookie’s Chocolate Chip flavor, and do differ slightly for its one other Snickerdoodle flavor. For that option, you get the same amount of fat and sugar, with 2g less protein at 19g and 4g of net carbohydrates.

Two of the main ingredients in 5% Nutrition’s Knock The Carb Out Cookie flavors are egg whites and almond butter to give it that high protein and fat. The latest edible effort from 5% Nutrition is due to be available from its website sometime soon in boxes of ten cookies.