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Krunchy Kernel flavor confirmed and coming soon to Redcon1’s B.A.R.

krunchy kernel redcon1 bar

Last week on Friday, Redcon1 launched another flavor of its enjoyable cereal piece protein bar, B.A.R. (Breakfast At the Ready). The new addition was Apple Blast, which took the product’s total number of tastes up to five, joining flavors like Fruity Cereal, Rainbow Breakfast, and Choco Crisps.

Just days after releasing its Apple Blast B.A.R., Redcon1 has announced flavor number six for the product with Krunchy Kernel. The Stack3d Certified brand has not confirmed a launch date for the next B.A.R. just yet but it is saying it’s coming really soon, so potentially within the next few days.

When Redcon1’s Krunchy Kernel B.A.R. does eventually arrive, it’ll cost you $34.99 for a box of 12 through, or $28 if you’re a part of our Stack3d Insider program.

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