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Stoked hemp oil beverage from the makers of Bang gets a new look

stoked beverage

The recently released hemp oil beverage Stoked, from the same company that brought you the popular Bang Energy drink, has got a new look. The layout, logo, and colors are still much the same as the original, with just a handful of tweaks, as you can see for yourself in the image above.

“The demand for Stoked is huge. Our brilliant research and product development team along with marketing, sales, media etc. continue to evolve and invent the future. Everything we do is radically different. We zig when everybody else is zagging.” – Jack Owoc, CEO of Bang Energy.

Some of the most obvious changes to the Cannablast infused Stoked drink include the removal of the color cloud backing the product’s title. The Bang Energy logo is also no longer at the end of the Stoked name, and there is a new tag line under the title with “Feel The Vibe Of Stoked Inside”.

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