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Razer’s Respawn shaker now comes in Mercury White and Quartz Pink

razer respawn shakers

Earlier in the year gaming giant Razer, got into the supplement game with its energy boosting formula, Respawn. The product launched in a total of four flavors; Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Pineapple, and Pomegranate Watermelon. To complement the launch, Razer also released a stylish black Respawn metal shaker.

While Razer is known for its sleek black and neon green gaming hardware, it does also have a variety of items on the market in Mercury White and Quartz Pink. Today those brighter colorways have become apart of the Respawn accessory family with metal shakers now available in pink and white with the Respawn name in silver.

Basically, Razer fans can now get a shaker to match whatever color gaming setup they’ve created. The brand’s all-new Respawn shakers are still the same as the original silver on black with dual insulation, a locking cap, and a built-in grate. Both the Mercury White and Quartz Pink are now available for purchase from at $29.99.

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