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Limited Slime Arez Super features a more intense formula with NO3-T nitrates

ntel nutra slime arez super

In two days, NTel Nutra is launching a limited edition Slime flavor (strawberry lime) of its powerhouse pre-workout Arez Super. It is easily one of the strongest pre-workouts released this year, and is actually going to deliver a more intense experience in the upcoming special edition Arez Super.

Specifically for the Slime flavor of its pre-workout, NTel Nutra has made a handful of changes to the formula. While most of the ingredients and doses are the same, there are some key differences. They intend to provide a more intense workout in regards to all of its benefits including energy, pumps, focus, and endurance.

Formula differences

Firstly, the Slime Arez Super now transparently lists its citrulline at 4g per maximum serving, and instead of PeakO2 there is a gram of the similar SuperShroom blend. NTel has also dropped eria jarensis as well as yohimbine HCl and added half a gram of DMAE, 100mg of theobromine, and an extra half a milligram of alpha yohimbine.

ntel nutra slime arez super

Another big addition to NTel Nutra’s limited edition Slime Arez Super is premium NO3-T betaine nitrate. The supplement has included the feature at 1.5g per maximum serving, with additional betaine anhydrous in the mix as well but at an unknown amount.

Serving changes

Fans of the original Arez Super will notice a change in serving as instead of packing all of its maximum doses in one scoop, the product has switched to two scoops. Basically, to get the most powerful experience, you need to have two scoops instead of one, although you still get the same amount of maximum servings per tub at 21.

Launch details

As mentioned, NTel Nutra is launching its limited-edition Slime Arez Sup in just two days on Monday of next week. The promising pre-workout is going to be available first through the brand’s own online store over at

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