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SUPPS: The Series is being integrated into the fitness series Access Muscle

supps the series becomes a part of access muscle

Leading up to the launch of the well-reviewed and very informative supplement documentary, SUPPS: The Movie, it was announced there would be SUPPS: The Series. Following last month’s debut of the film on Amazon and Vimeo, we’ve got an update on that sequel series, which has transformed into something more.

Alex Ardenti, the man behind SUPPS, has revealed the series is still on the way, but is now going to release as a part of a separate documentary project. That other project is called Access Muscle, which is a docu-series also from Ardenti that focuses more on the history, evolution, and future of fitness and bodybuilding.

While the majority of Access Muscle will be about fitness and bodybuilding, one in every four episodes is going to be dedicated to the nutrition and supplement industry. That will involve everything from protein powders and pre-workouts through to emerging categories like functional food and convenient, on-the-go beverages.

Alex Ardenti is planning to debut the first episode of the Access Muscle docu-series and evolution of SUPPS: The Series, in the first month of next year. You’ll be able to stream the episodes on Amazon just like the original SUPPS: The Movie, as well as catch it on iTunes.

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