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Vegan-friendly spin-off of USN’s Diet Fuel now available in the UK

usn diet fuel vegan

Alongside its Trust Protein Vegan RTD, USN in the UK has launched a vegan-friendly protein powder this month. The supplement is a spin-off of the brand’s Diet Fuel Ultralean called Diet Fuel Vegan, and just like the original, it is a meal replacement product that is high in protein.

USN’s new Diet Fuel Vegan provides a strong 26g of protein per serving from the plant-based sources pea isolate, soy isolate, and rice protein. Its other important macros include 3.5g of fat, 18g of carbohydrates primarily from maltodextrin, 3.2g of sugar, and a total of 208 calories.

To start, USN’s vegan-friendly spin-off of Diet Fuel has just two tastes with a traditional Chocolate and a fruity Strawberry flavor. The product comes in an 880g bag packing a light 16g servings with the likes of Holland & Barrett now stocking it in the UK at £29.99 (38.46 USD).