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Vade extends its dissolvable scoop technology into pre-workouts

vade dissolvable pre-workout scoops

We were originally introduced to Vade Nutrition a number of years ago at the Arnold Classic in 2017. The innovative brand caught our attention with its unique dissolvable protein scoops. They’re basically pouches of protein powder that you throw into liquid, and the pouches dissolve along with the powder.

Vade Nutrition has now expanded its range to include dissolvable pre-workout scoops. The idea is much the same as the protein scoops, but with slimmer pouches and pre-workout ingredients such as citrulline, caffeine, and beta-alanine. The pouches are made with food-grade ingredients and are designed to be safely ingested.

You can read more about Vade Nutrition’s dissolvable pre-workout scoops on its website, where you can also purchase the brand’s second-ever supplement. The product is available in two options with a single two-pouch serving at $1.99, or 15, two pouch servings at $19.99.