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X50 confirms flavors and launch for its Cauliflower and Mushroom Chips

x50 cauliflower chips

X50 recently announced that it has more convenient vacuum cooked snacks coming down the pipeline, similar to its original and surprisingly enjoyable Broccoli Chips. The upcoming products are Cauliflower Chips and Mushroom Chips made with of course, real cauliflower and mushrooms.

We can now confirm that fans of X50 in its local market of Australia, will be able to get their hands on both the Cauliflower Chips and Mushroom Chips in the near future. The brand has said the vacuum cooked snacks are due to release next month and are already available to retailers for pre-order.

To go with X50’s exciting update, it has also revealed exactly what flavors we’re in for with the Cauliflower Chips and Mushroom Chips. While the latter is going to hit stores in just the one Sea Salt option, the Cauliflower Chips will have three in Sea Salt, Tomato Onion, and Mild Curry.

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