Full details on XXL Nutrition’s upcoming low sugar N’Joy Protein Bar

xxl nutrition n joy protein bar

The N’Joy protein bar is another new product coming soon from the retailer XXL Nutrition and its own brand of supplements and functional food. It is a high protein snack in the usual bar format with a creamy consistency, crunchy topping, sweet milk chocolate outer, and an apparently rich taste.

XXL Nutrition’s N’Joy Protein Bar promises to be a delicious balance of taste and nutritional value. It is due to launch sometime soon through the European store’s website in Chocolate Caramel and White Chocolate Blueberry flavors. While the product will start with two tastes, more are due to follow its release.

On the nutritional side, the N’Joy Protein Bar from XXL Nutrition packs the usual amount of protein at 20g per bar, for both of its flavors options. Alongside that protein is 8.25g of fat, 19.25g/18.7g (blueberry/caramel) of carbohydrates, just under 2g of sugar, and a total of 208 and 210 calories.

XXL Nutrition is launching the N’Joy Protein Bar through its website in individual bars at €1.69 (1.89 USD) each or in boxes of 15 for €1.53 (1.71 USD) each.

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