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S7 swapped out for NO3-T in 13th Floor’s stimulant pre-workout Legion

13th floor legion

Legion is the stimulant powered pre-workout from the rather different and intriguing new supplement company 13th Floor Sciences. The brand started taking pre-orders for its first four products last month with Sandman, Slayer, and Kaiju being the other three items alongside Legion.

The 13th Floor pre-workout is back in the news this week as the brand has announced a quick change to the formula which has been applied to the first batch of Legion. 13th Floor has simply swapped out the S7 blend for 1.5g of NO3-T betaine nitrate to improve the pump side of the supplement.

13th floor legion

Legion’s updated facts panel can be seen above where NO3-T now sits alongside all of the other ingredients such as 400mg of caffeine, a gram of choline bitartrate, and 2g of agmatine. The pre-workout is still up for pre-order on the brand’s website and is due to ship in the next week or so.