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Ambrosia teams up with Ixcela for its own at-home health test

ambrosia ixcela internal health test

The Ambrosia Collective has teamed up with Ixcela for an Ambrosia branded version of the Ixcela Internal Fitness Test Kit. What it is exactly is a blood test system that provides detailed insight into your internal fitness, all packed into an easy-to-use kit that can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

The way it works is you first order your Ixcela Internal Fitness Test Kit from Ambrosia’s online store at a price of $299.99. Once your package arrives, you get your pinprick blood sample, then mail it to Ixcela. You’ll then be able to see your results online alongside feedback from the Ambrosia team based on your results.

The Internal Fitness Test Kit from Ambrosia and Ixcela will provide you in-depth information on the health of your gastrointestinal, immune, cognitive, and metabolic function, as well as emotional balance. It is the same test that you can order from Ixcela itself, but of course, you’ll be buying it from the team at Ambrosia.

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