Axe and Sledge is also dropping two new flavors for Black Friday

Nov 26th, 2019
axe and sledge hwmf freedom flavor

It turns out the whole food meal formula Home Made, isn’t the only new release Axe and Sledge Supplements has planned for Black Friday. The brand from Seth Feroce is also going to be launching a new flavor for its top-rated pump pre-workout Hydraulic and its full-spectrum EAA product, The Grind.

Fans of Axe and Sledge may already be familiar with the new flavor, as it is something the brand has available for a separate supplement. The upcoming option for Hydraulic and The Grind is HWMF (Hard Working Mother F*cker), which is a flavor Axe and Sledge introduced with its more intense pre-workout Seventh Gear.

Once again, Seth Feroce’s brand plans on dropping its HWMF Hydraulic and The Grind this coming Friday for Black Friday, alongside its whole-food-based Home Made. Axe and Sledge is of course, also going to have some great deals running for the day, so it’ll be the perfect time to stock up and try its latest products.