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Miniature version of Battle Snacks’ delicious Battle Bites coming soon

battle bites mini

The UK-based functional food brand Battle Snacks is coming out with a miniature version of its incredibly tasty and always enjoyable protein bar, Battle Bites. Ever since trying the product a year or so a go, it has maintained a position on our list of top five protein bars due to its smooth texture and candy bar-like sweetness.

Battle Snacks has now unveiled Battle Bites Minis, which as mentioned, is a smaller take on its original protein snack. The regular version comes with two pieces per pack, combining to provide 20g of protein. The upcoming spin-off is said to provide 10g of protein, so it sounds like the Minis may just be a one-piece pack of Battle Bites.

According to Battle Snacks, the Battle Bites Minis will be on the market and available for purchase sometime soon. They will have 20 miniature bars per box and while we don’t know if it’ll have all of the regular Battle Bites flavors to choose from, we do know Chocolate Caramel will be on the menu.