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Try almost the entire Chikalab lineup with Bombbar’s Yummy Box

chikalab yummy box

If you’ve been wanting to give Bombbar’s spin-off functional food line Chikalab a try, the Russian brand has come out with a very easy way to do exaclty that. This week, Bombbar has released the Chikalab Yummy Box, which is a huge variety pack featuring one each of almost every Chikalab product.

The exact content’s of the Chikalab Yummy Box is a jar each of Bombbar’s tasty Brunetta, Mulatta, Blondie, and Miss Chika spreads. There is also two of each of Chikabar flavor, a bag of the crispy Dragee treat, one each of the unique Chikapies, and all three flavors of Chikalab’s chocolate-coated nuts.

As mentioned, you essentially get one of each of Bombbar’s Chikalab products all in the pack. The only items missing from the Yummy Box are the collagen nut butters Captain Peanut and Choco Macho, and the functional brand’s baking mixes designed to make high protein pancakes, muffins, and waffles.

You can grab the new Chikalab Yummy Box from Bombbar’s website at €62.13 (68.40 USD), which is not too bad, but it is more expensive than if you were to by each of the items individually.