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New line of baking mixes released under Bombbar’s Chikalab brand

bombbar chikalab baking mixes

Bombbar’s spin-off functional food brand Chikalab has grown once again this week with the launch of a whole new category of products. Quickly following the successful release of its mouthwatering high-protein Chikapie, the Russian brand has introduced a line high-protein baking mixes.

There are two different supplements in Bombbar’s all-new Chikalab collection with Waffle & Muffin, and Pancake mix. Both products come in powder form and are designed to make the foods in their respective titles with protein-packed waffles, muffins, and pancakes.

The Chikalab Waffle & Muffin mix is the slightly higher protein supplement of the two providing 30g of protein per serving with a lean 220 calories. It is made with a variety of protein sources including soy isolate as well as more traditional ingredients such as milk and whey concentrate.

bombbar chikalab baking mixes

As for Bombbar’s Chikalab Pancake mix, that one has 24g of protein per 60g serving with about the same calorie count at 219. This product is made with a slightly higher quality source of protein in whey isolate. While the macros do differ between the new baking mixes, they both also have zero sugar.

Bombbar’s Chikalab Waffle & Muffin and Pancake baking mixes can now be purchased from its Russian website, with no sign of them yet on its European one. Directly from the brand, the supplements will cost you ₽550 (8.40 USD) for a 480g tin, and have the same two flavors in Chocolate and Vanilla.