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GIFD promises support for anxiety and depression with its new DLPAROL

gifd labs dlparol

DLPAROL, pronounced “dell-our-all”, is an all-new product coming soon from Jerry Ward’s supplement brand GIFD Labs. It features a fairly simple formula made up of two ingredients that can both be found in a number of products on the market. As for what DLPAROL is exactly, it’s a supplement formulated to help with anxiety and depression.

Jerry Ward himself has been using the upcoming DLPAROL over the past few months and claims to have seen significant changes in things like mood and anxiety. For those wondering what the ingredients in the supplement are, we don’t know their individual dosages but can confirm DLPAROL features a 750mg blend of DL-Phenylalanine and GABA.

According to Jerry Ward and GIFD Labs, their anxiety and depression supporting product is due to be out and available sometime soon. Fans of Ward and the brand will be able to pick up DLPAROL from the BioS3 website in four-week supply bottles, with no word on price just yet.