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Long-awaited DVST8 BBD previewed a week out from its launch in Australia

inspired dvst8 bbd

In the coming month or two, Inspired is expected to be dropping its new, and more internationally friendly pre-workout named DVST8 Worldwidewidewide. As exciting as that is, it seems we might be seeing something else from the reputable brand a little sooner, with its long-awaited DVST8 BBD.

Inspired first talked about the DVST8 BBD earlier this year, which is intended to be the latest, premium version of DVST8. We actually got to try a few samples of the pre-workout back in April, and like all of the DVST8s before it, DVST8 BBD delivers a powerful and intense combination of effects.

The news on DVST8 BBD is that it’s launching one week from now on Wednesday the 20th of November in Australia, with no word on its availability for the US. The brand has also revealed what the promising pre-workout is going to look like, which you can see for yourself in the image above.

Basically, it is going to be a big and busy finish to the year for Inspired. The brand has already had a jam-packed 2019 with all-new, creative, and well put together supplements. DVST8 BBD will no doubt be another great product with DVST8 Worldwide also on the way as mentioned, as well as the new Ember.

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